Electric Chain Hoists

Electric chain hoists are designed to provide daily reliable performance in both routine workplace situations, and sever working environments. They are available in both roller chain for smooth, quite, light duty applications, and link chain for heavier service and repeated lifting cycles.

Electric Chain Hoist Pricing

Budget pricing on Electric Chain hoists is as follows:

Capacity Lift Lift Speed Price
1/2 Ton 10'0" 15 FPM $1,800.00
1 Ton 10'0" 16 FPM $2,100.00
2 Ton 10'0" 14 FPM $2,800.00
1/2 Ton 20'0" 30 FPM $2,300.00
1 Ton 20'0" 29 FPM $3,300.00
2 Ton 20'0" 28 FPM $3,800.00

Electric Chain Hoist Options

  • chain containers
  • zinc plated hand and load chain
  • eye and lug type suspension
  • quick disconnect
  • air motors
  • electrification
  • plain and powered trolleys
  • latch kits and bronze hooks
  • bullard hooks
  • two speed and variable speed
  • cable reels
  • explosion proof

Electric Chain Hoist Literature

The following product literature requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Yale-KELB Electric Chain Hoist
Harrington ED Electric Chain Hoist
Harrington Electric Chain Hoist
Harrington Cylinder Control Electric Chain Hoist

More Information about Electric Chain Hoists

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