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Introducing the 2012 Technology Innovation Award Winning Lift’n Buddy powered portable lifter.

Lift'n BuddyThe Lift’n Buddy is a compact lifter that combines the portability of a manual hand truck with the ergonomic benefits of a vertical lift table. The Lift’n Buddy has a capacity of up to 500 lbs, and is powered by a high performance electric actuator.

Current uses for the Lift’n Buddy include:

  • move and lift parcels received and placed on the loading dock floor
  • move and lift production to stock warehouse shelves
  • move and lift product to stock food and beverage shelves
  • move and lower product from a packaging line to a pallet
  • move and position paper product in and office environment
  • position work at an ergonomically comfortable work height
  • move and lift canisters, pails or drums
  • load and unload vans and trucks

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4XLift™ VRC Material Lift - The New Standard In Heavy Lifting

Stanley Vidmat roll-out tray cabinetStep up to the power of a 4XLift™ from Wildeck, the leading manufacturer of safer, more reliable vertical lifts. The heavy-duty four-post 4XLift™ includes, as standard, Wildeck's patented AutoSenz® D-Series Overload Detection System (U.S. Patent No. 7,408,317) that continuously monitors motor current and stops the lift in its tracks should a jam occur. No other VRC (Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor) provides such a high level of protection for your material and the VRC itself. A Wildeck 4XLift™ can be designed to move your toughest and heaviest loads between multiple levels in your facility. The "standard" 4XLift™ effortlessly transfers material weighing up to 15,000 lbs., while the "high load" unit moves loads up to 30,000 lbs. Higher load capacity 4-post lifts are also available, if required. The 4XLift™ sets a new standard for capacity, efficiency and safety.

4XLift™ Specifications:

    Standard - Up to 15,000 lbs.
    High Load - Up to 30,000 lbs. (higher load capacity designs available)
  • LIFTING SPEED: Standard travel speed is 20 fpm. Higher speeds available.
  • CARRIAGE PLATFORM: Up to 12 ft. wide x 30 ft. long. Custom sizes available. Pit-less Flat Plate carriage available on some sizes (eliminates loading ramp or pit requirements).
  • LOADING PATTERNS: C, Z, 90 degrees or 4-sided.
  • LEVELS: Standard – Ground floor plus 1-stop. Multi-level operation is available.
  • MECHANICAL LIFTING SYSTEM: The 4XLift™ features a rugged lifting motor rated for continuous duty. Reliable dual roller chains, a high service factor gearbox, and the alloy steel driveshaft have been specially designed for durability and long service life.
  • COLOR: Standard VRC paint color is Wildeck Gray. Optional colors available. Purchased components are painted per vendor standards. A computer-controlled 7-step process electrostatically applies a uniform 2-part polyurethane coating similar to an automotive clear-coat finish.

Stanley® Vidmar® Roll-Out Tray Cabinet

Stanley Vidmat roll-out tray cabinetIdeal for the storage of heavy, bulky items, Vidmar’s all-new Roll-Out Tray Cabinet provides full access to all stored items at once plus the ability to fully extend your trays.

  • Available in all current Vidmar cabinet footprints
  • Tray height can be adjusted to accommodate different item sizes
  • 400 lb. weight capacity per tray
  • Fully extendable tray
  • Open tray front for easy removal of items
  • Integrated tray handle with lock-in mechanism
  • Lockable door closes flush over trays
  • Fully backed by Vidmar's Lifetime Guarantee

Experience a new level of convenience.

Elevating Worker Platforms

elevating worker platformsBring the worker to the work for more flexibility!

Southworth offers Elevating Worker Platforms for assembly or maintenance operations where large structures, such as aircraft or manufactured assemblies, must be accessed at varying heights.

These custom designed worker platforms eliminate the risks and the hassles commonly associated with ladders and scaffolding and provide the speed, flexibility, and security of a powered variable height work platform to create a more productive work environment.

Multi-Lift Platform

This platform is designed to travel up and down while carrying workers and several smaller lifts. Workers position the main lift at the appropriate height to access parts and material stock. Once items have been picked, they are placed on the smaller lifts so workers can position them at a comfortable height for assembly and packaging.

elevating worker platformsSpecial Features:

  • Custom-built round platform power traverse lifts that interface with main platform lift via rounded cutouts.
  • Four 2,000 lb capacity worker lifts.
  • Custom retractable hand rails.
  • Non-skid anti-static platform surface.
  • Complete bellows skirting.

Heavy Equipment Assembly

elevating worker platformsThis platform is designed to provide workers with convenient access to all sides of construction equipment during the assemble process. Its U-Shaped configuration allows multiple workers to access different areas of equipment at the same time.

Special Features

  • Sliding Bridge Plates
  • Anti-Static Decking
  • Removable Swing Out Gates

Omtec PBT™ ball transfer's reduce the physical effort to move and firmly locate items on work surfaces by as much as 97%.

Omtec PBT

Omtec PBT's may be used wherever items need to be moved on/off work benches with the ability to firmly and conveniently position them while worked on.

Surfaces may literally be any size, shape or material with any task specific ball pattern.

Stainless Steel Scissor Carts

scissor cartThese fully welded Model SSSC carts resist corrosion and wet environments. All parts are made from 304 grade stainless steel, including the hydraulic pump and foot pedal. They are suitable for most food, medical, and pharmaceutical industry settings. Also suitable for washdown applications. 2 rigid and 2 swivel polyurethane wheels with brakes standard. Units feature a high quality actuated, single-speed hydraulic pump.

Handle height is 39".

Model Platform
Size (WxL)
Capacity (lbs)
Net Wt.
SSSC-200 17-3/4"x27-1/2" 200 10-7/16" TO 29-3/4" 88
SSSC-400 19-1/2"x32-11/16" 400 13" TO 35-13/16" 172