Explore Low Profile Lifts and Levelers

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Explore Low Profile Lifts and Levelers

Low profile lifts and levelers offer many potential benefits to businesses. If you have a business that deals with large volumes of pallets needing to be loaded and unloaded on a regular basis, chances are these benefits may appeal to you. Low level lifts and levelers help reduce on-the-job injuries by reducing the need for employees to reach or stretch to do their jobs efficiently.  This reduces absenteeism, lost man hours, lost comp time, and even workers’ compensation claims.


These lift tables are incredibly versatile while providing virtually zero reach over from all four sides. This is an extreme low profile product with an excellent design, including a toe guard to stop not only descent but also contact with obstructions. The maximum weight for this table is 2,200 pounds and the raised height is 35 inches. It can accommodate pallets with dimensions of 24” by 60” to 48” by 72”. The 3-1/8” low height allows access to the lift with a fork truck or a floor level pallet jack when a ramp is used.


These floor level lifts accommodate as much as 4,000 pounds on pallets up to 52” by 48” and are easily accessible from all four sides. They require minimal reach over and can be adjusted via foot switch or push button controls. The raised height on these units is 28 and 3/8”. The 3/8” low height on these units make them ideal for access in tight areas with a floor level pallet jack.

Roll-C With Turntable

Including the many benefits of the Roll-C design, this model goes one step further, offering the convenience of a turntable. The design provides a slight boost in the raised height at a slight cost to lowered height, platform size (44” by 48”), and weight capacity, with a maximum capacity of 2,500 pounds.

Roll-On Disc

These incredibly useful discs allow the entire load to rotate so that workers can work from the nearest side, eliminating reach over as well as the need to walk around the pallet in order to access items loaded on the far side. This increases productivity, eliminates wasted steps, and helps to avoid reach and stretch-related injuries on the job. The Roll-on disc has a built in full perimeter ramp that allows floor level pallet jack access from any side.

ZLS – Floor Height Lift Table

This useful tool provides operator access from all four sides and is flush to the floor to make loading and offloading easier. Depending on the model, the weight capacity can be as much as 4,000 pounds, and the lift tables can accommodate 50” by 48” platforms offering a raised height of 35 and 3/8″.

Tools like this can improve safety, increase productivity, raise profits, and boost employee morale. Keep them in mind as you make buying decisions for your lift equipment needs now and in the future.