Modular Cabinets

Modular Drawer Cabinets create a better organized, modular solution to achieving high-efficiency, concentrated space in smooth-rolling drawers. Designed and built on a system of precision engineered, rugged components, modular cabinets are a cost effective way to eliminate searching and tedious retrieval. All cabinets permit installation of drawers, shelves and roll-out trays. They can be placed in the housing in any combination or sequence and rearranged at any time. Each drawer is ribbed and slotted over the length and width of the drawer, offering infinite adjustability when partitioning drawers for smaller parts or similar items. Dividers can be reconfigured in seconds as storage needs change. When fully extended, 100% of the drawer clears the frame to allow unobstructed viewing of the entire drawer contents. Cabinets can be provided with fork lift pockets in the base for easy relocation and locks for controlled access. Equipto's TipStop™ feature keeps the cabinet from tipping forward, making "more than one drawer" accessibility possible.

Modular Cabinet Pricing

Estimated pricing on Modular Drawer Cabinets ranges from $900 for a 28"W x 28"D x 36"H, $1,300 for a 28"W x 28"D x 60"H, and $1,400 for a 40"W x 22"D x 60"H.

Modular Cabinet Options

  • locks
  • different bases
  • doors
  • finish colors

Modular Cabinet Literature

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Modular Drawer PDF

More Information about Modular Cabinets

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