Upenders and Transfer Cars

Roll and Coil Cars
Southworth manufactures a wide variety of self-propelled lifts for handling rolls and metal coils. Ideal for applications involving both relatively light coils and jumbos up to seventy tons. Coil cars can be furnished with swivel tops, tilting mechanisms, spool arms, and other options.

Upenders and Tilters
Southworth upenders are designed to provide safe and efficient 90° repositioning of heavy, bulky loads such as material rolls. In addition, Southworth lift tables can be furnished with tiIt tops for lifting or repositioning awkward materials.

Roll Handling Tables
Lifting heavy rolls of paper, films, foil, and other materials for transport or for loading and unloading processing machining becomes a simple, one-operator job with Southworth roll handling tables. Tables can be surface or pit-mounted and combined with other Southworth products such as lowering tables and transfer cars to create complete roll handling systems.

Upenders and Transfer Car Pricing

Coil Cars, Upenders and Roll Handling Tables are all custom design and built for the specific application. Please contact us for your immediate requirements.

Upenders and Transfer Cars Literature

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More Informatiob about Upenders and Transfer Cars

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