Wildeck is one of our most reputable brands when it comes to guards, mezzanines, lifts, and access service lines. Incorporated back in 1983, Wildeck has evolved into a leading manufacturer of facility space enhancement, protective guarding products, and materials handling. They are a subsidiary of Holden Industries and they take pride in providing practical solutions to help increase a company’s productivity and profitability.

Wildeck’s History

Wildeck’s history goes back to 1944 when Williams Steel and Supply Company of Milwaukee, WI designed Wildeck Mezzanines. These mezzanines became so successful that a separate division of the company formed in 1976, and later officially incorporated in 1983. Today, the 100 percent employee-owned company has grown to be the largest US manufacturer of mezzanines, vertical and rideable material lifts, safety guarding products, and more. With two manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and a dedicated staff of engineers, you can count on Wildeck to produce quality products that will improve your efficiencies and keep you competitive.

Wildeck Conveyor Crossover

Wildeck Products from A-Lined Handling Systems

A-Lined is committed to providing you with the best material handling systems available, and we are pleased to be an authorized Wildeck distributor. We carry all of their products including guards, mezzanines, lifts, and access.

  • Guards– Thousands of facilities trust Wildeck’s tough and tested guarding products. Their easy to see through barrier provides a safer working environment, helps protect your equipment, and defines traffic patterns. All of their guarding products are made with high-strength steel that is designed to tolerate even the most severe impacts.
  • Mezzanines – Steel work platforms help you utilize your existing overhead space to gain more work, storage, office, or manufacturing areas - all at a lower cost than new construction. You can feel confident knowing that Wildeck’s mezzanines are made out of heavy-duty industrial steel and built to your exact specifications.
  • Lifts – Wildeck’s Rideable Materials Lifts and Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors help you safely and quickly transport materials. They (fortunately) cost less than forklifts and elevators and do not require OSHA training since they are a materials conveyor.
  • Access – Rolling ladder products, industrial stairs, conveyor crossovers, and work platforms all comprise Wildeck’s Access service line. These products are designed to improve access, mobility, and safety in your workplace (while adhering to strict governing regulations and codes).  

If you are looking to find cost-effective and innovative solutions to solve your material handling challenges - check out the many proven products made by Wildeck. To learn more about how to incorporate their products into your facility, contact us today.