Overhead Chainveyors

Overhead Conveyors are an extremely economical method of conveying. By utilizing open overhead space, Overhead Conveyors free up very costly floor space. Common applications include production and assembly lines, finishing systems, garment handling systems, and even as a cost-effective means to move work from one facility to another. Systems usually consist of a chain riding in an enclosed track or I-Beam (depending on capacity), drive and take-up assemblies, and a combination of straight track and curves to make up the desired layout. Curves can be provided both for both horizontal and vertical changes. Accumulation areas are designed into the system for the loading and unloading of parts. Capacities range from 60 lbs./ foot for enclosed track systems up to 1000's lbs/ foot for I-Beam systems.

Overhead Chainveyor Options

  • complete custom system configuration
  • stainless steel construction
  • variable speed controllers
  • pendant hangers
  • track styles
  • drive locations

Overhead Chainveyor Literature

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Gregory Adams

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