Pallet Racks

Pallet storage rack is offered in many different configurations to fit every size and every budget. Pallet storage rack can be used for a variety of storage applications such as; pallet selective storage, bulk storage, archive storage, drive-in or push-back dense storage, pallet flow first-in, first-out storage, marine storage, retail, and rack supported mezzanine or storage modules. Lighter duty applications utilize roll-formed components while heavier duty or more abusive environments utilize structural steel components. All components are available in a variety of powder coat colors.

Pallet Storage Systems are engineered from the ground up. These designs take into account product size and weight, seismic zone the job will be installed in, fork lift aisle size required, building column centers, as well as future expansion considerations. Consideration of the pallet rack system when planning a new building or warehouse will result in more cost effective and efficient warehouse operation.

Pallet Rack Pricing

Pricing on pallet rack systems varies considerably depending on the amount of components on the total job (total job weight). Steel is sold by the pound, so the more pounds in the job, the less per pound the components cost. Several enhancements to the uprights and beams can be added that will yield a custom engineered system, specific to the customer's requirements. For larger projects, those with storage of more than 750 pallets, use a budget cost of $50-$80 per pallet position (total job delivered and installed). Budget pricing on some common components is as follows.


Depth Height Capacity Price Range
36" 120"-240" 21,149 lbs. $50-$110
42" 120"-240" 21,149 lbs. $60-$120
48" 120"-240" 21,149 lbs. $65-$130


Depth Height Capacity Price Range
96" 2-1/2"-6" 1,700-10,000 $20-$45
120" 4"-6" 3,000-10,000 $30-$55
144" 4"-6" 2,000-8,000 $40-$65

Pallet Rack Options

  • column reinforcement
  • column protectors
  • dividers
  • pallet support bars
  • corrugated and wire decking
  • wall ties and row spacers

Pallet Rack Literature

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More Information about Pallet Racks

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