In any type of warehouse or industrial setting, moving heavy loads from various areas of the facility is essential to meeting deadlines and keeping operations on track. But doing so can also be time-consuming and present a significant safety threat. While forklifts are one option in such a setting, another is an overhead crane. Unlike a forklift, which operates on the ground floor, material handling cranes work by moving loads at the ceiling level.

Benefits of Overhead Cranes

Overhead cranes offer a number of benefits, mainly as it pertains to productivity, efficiency, and safety. These devices can improve a facility's load control when it comes to safely and effectively moving heavy objects or cargo. Plus, because these cranes accomplish this at the ceiling height of a facility, there isn't a concern involving floor obstructions that could impede load transport. For this reason, they're often much more efficient than using a forklift to transport products.

Warehouse cranes are also safe and flexible. They limit worker strain and are easy to operate, which can help prevent worker injury and fatigue. Additionally, they can be customized to meet a facility's unique environment or requirements. They're also affordable to use and can be run by just one worker.

A-Lined: Your Source for Overhead Crane Systems

There are various types of overhead cranes to choose from, such as ceiling-mounted bridge cranes, floor and wall-mounted jib cranes, gantry cranes, and more. Contact A-Lined Handling Systems today for more information on how our overhead material handling devices can enhance your facility's productivity and safety. With crane solutions for multiple industries, we're well-positioned to outfit your warehouse with the solution needed to meet its goals.