Vacuum Tube

Vacuum Tube

Vacuum Tube Lifting systems are ideal for repetitive handling of either non-porous, semi-porous or porous loads. The lifting tube systems require minimal operator training. The systems grab the load via vacuum suction, support, lift and lower the load all with a single operator control. The use of vacuum pads for attachment allows objects to be lifted without fear of damage to the surface or edges of the product.

When the system's vacuum pads touch the load, the air flow is blocked, causing the vacuum level to increase until the load is lifted. A hand valve allows just enough leakage of air to control speed and height. When the load is set down, the valve is opened fully to release the load.

Electric Powered Vacuum System

Electric Powered Vacuum System

Electric powered lifters are designed to provide maximum performance and safety. Load attach and release times are with in seconds for speedy operation in production environments. The lifters handle load in the vertical or horizontal orientation, with ease.

All units have a separate system for vacuum generation and for tilting if required.

Vacuum Lifter Options

  • low vacuum warning systems
  • stainless steel construction
  • special pad attachments
  • special handle designs
  • special mounts and floor stands
  • quick release multiple pad changers

Vacuum Lifter Literature

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More Information about Vacuum Lifters

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