Mobile Aisle Shelving

Mobile Aisle Shelving Systems combine the benefits of high-density storage with the flexibility of steel shelving, wire shelving, modular cabinets, or bulk racks. By reducing the number of access aisles, the storage capacity of a particular floor space can be doubled.

Mobile Aisle Shelving Systems are custom engineered utilizing a floor track system, a group of carriages that ride on the floor track system, and a storage system (shelving or cabinets) that mounts to the carriages. The area normally has fixed carriages on the end (that do not move) and any number of mobile carriages in between the fixed carriages. The mobile carriages are moved via a mechanical assist crank handle that allows an operator to move thousands of pounds of material with 1lb. worth of effort. There are also provisions to move all the carriages electronically. Once a group of carriages has been moved to the desired location, the new aisle has been formed and the operator can now access the desired location.

Safety interlocks are provided to ensure that aisles are not closed on personnel. Mobile aisle shelving systems are available in many powder coat finishes to ensure coordination with an existing color scheme.

Mobile Aisle Shelving Pricing

Pricing for Mobile Aisle Storage systems varies considerably based on the overall design criteria of the project. The (3) main components in a system are the floor and floor tracks, the carriages, and the shelving system that rides on the carriages. Capacities of the shelving system and ultimately the carriages will also effect overall costs. An existing shelving system that can be mounted to new carriages is an option that can help contain costs.

Mobile Aisle Shelving Literature

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More Information about Mobile Aisle Shelving

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