Hand Chain Hoists

The hand chain hoist is a practical, low headroom alternative for lifting and positioning loads. It can be supported from a fixed point, or attached to an overhead crane with a plain running or geared trolley. Hand chain hoists are operated by a loop of chain that typically hangs two feet less than the hoist lift height. Capacities range from light duty 500 lb models up to 8-10 tons.

Hand Chain Hoist Pricing

Budget pricing on Hand Chain hoists is as follows:

Capacity Lift Price
1000 lbs 10'0" $190.00
1000 lbs 20'0" $290.00
2000 lbs 10'0" $225.00
2000 lbs 20'0" $330.00
1000 lbs Plain trolley adder   $125.00
2000 lbs Plain trolley adder   $170.00

Hand Chain Hoist Options

  • chain containers
  • zinc plated hand and load chain
  • eye type suspension
  • plain or geared trolley suspension
  • aluminum unwelded hand chain
  • latchlok and bronze hooks
  • bullard hooks

Hand Chain Hoist Literature

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More Information about Hand Chain Hoists

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