Portable Stacking Racks

In many situations, Stac-King portable racks are a far better material handling solution than the better known standard pallet racking. Stac-King racks eliminate the need to purchase, lease, repair, and/or dispose of traditional wood pallets. The Stac-King rack's tubular steel base, with or without various deck coverings, acts as its own pallet. This eliminates the costs and disposal headaches associated with wood pallets. The Stac-King rack's vertical posts allow the racks to be stacked several units high, without load-on-load contact. Compared to simple wood pallets, this can eliminate product crushing damage. More overhead space can be used, more safely, and with less product damage. Stac-King racks, by the nature of their portability, allow the user to maximize storage density (like a drive-in or flow rack), or to maximize selectivity (like traditional selective rack), or anything in between, all with the same rack. With the Stac-King rack, it is easy to change from one rack layout to another. There is no expensive installation or dismantling cost with Stac-King. Because of their removable comer posts, the Stac-King racks can be shipped and stored very densely. Traditional racking consumes the same space at all times, whether empty or full. This makes the Stac-King rack ideal for applications with fluctuating inventory levels, as the racks can be stored in a fraction of their normal space, freeing valuable floorspace for other uses. Some loads cannot be stored efficiently on traditional pallet rack. Boxes, tires, rolls, coils, and other hard to handle items are ideal for the Stac-King. Of course, the Stac-King handles the easier loads too. Before you buy your next pallet rack system, consider the benefits of the Stac-King rack. It may be a real saver of time and money for your operation!

Portable Stacking Rack Pricing

Estimated pricing on Stacking Racks is as follows:

42" 48" Wood 135 lbs. $190-$220
42" 60" Wood 146 lbs. $200-$230
48" 48" Wood 141 lbs. $195-$220
42" 48" Open 130 lbs. $160-$195
42" 60" Open 141 lbs. $170-$200
48" 48" Open 136 lbs. $160-$195

Portable Stacking Rack Options

  • odd lengths and widths
  • finish colors
  • special deck designs
  • casters

Portable Stacking Rack Literature

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More Information about Portable Stacking Racks

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