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Below Hook Lifters

Below Hook Lifters

Below hook lifters are devices (excluding slings) that attach hoists to their loads. They can be categorized into three types. Supporting lifters carry the load on a Bearing surface. Pressure lifters clamp the load and support the load by applying Force to the part of the load. Gripping lifters conform to the load surface forming A sufficient coefficient of friction to support the load.

Below Hook Lifters

Below Hook Lifter Styles

  • lifting beams
  • upenders
  • pallet lifters
  • crane mounted
  • magnets
  • spreader beams
  • vacuum lifters
  • slings
  • clamps
  • roll lifters
  • transfer cars
  • lifting tongs
  • rotators
  • coil lifters
  • sheet lifters
  • grabs
  • specials

Below Hook Lifter Literature

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