The right steel mezzanine design helps you fully utilize existing overhead space. That means that the right mezzanine engineering will increase valuable working, office, storage or manufacturing area  -  for a lot less cost than new construction!

We understand your need to put your space to work fast, without disrupting operations. Put our structural design team to work, and gain working floor area quickly. A-Lined’s mezzanine design consultants create custom industrial platform designs that assemble quickly. You’ll appreciate the simplicity of our "erector set" mezzanine manufacturing and construction technique that creates rugged, high-load-bearing overhead levels. A-Lined's structural design for mezzanines uses special steel components engineered to lock together forming a strong, unitized structure. Heavy-duty columns provide rigid support, so there’s no obstructing bracing. Our mezzanine designs provide maximum flexibility of movement and optimal utilization of the lower level.

The Smart Choice for Mezzanine Consulting

When you need industrial platforms, you want versatility.  Our mezzanines offer a choice of accessories to meet your needs: railings, stairs, landings, swing gates, sliding gates, decking types and more. Designed with customization in mind, our structures are modular to accommodate expansion and meet future requirements.

Benefits to Reap with Custom Mezzanine Designs

  • A custom-designed mezzanine maximizes overhead space
  • Often doubles available floor space for extra storage, production or office space
  • Can be treated as capital equipment, allowing for accelerated depreciation and property tax advantages

Bolted "C" Section Mezzanines: Cost-Effective Industrial Platforms

mezzanine design for bolted c section mezzanines

The most cost-effective method to maximize overhead space is a Bolted C-Section mezzanine. These designs suit small to medium size applications with a load capacity up to 200 PSF. Spans can be up to 20'0" and a wide variety of decking options can be utilized. Pricing is reflective of size, capacity and span requirements. Budget pricing for Bolted C-Section Mezzanines ranges from $17-$35/ sq. ft., delivered and installed.

Beam & Bar Joist Mezzanines: Virtually Unlimited Spans for Longer Platforms

beam and bar joist mezzanine design

If you need longer spans between floor columns, our Beam & Bar Joist Mezzanine is the ideal choice. With virtually unlimited spans, capacities to 300 PSF, Beam & Bar Joist Mezzanine designs suit applications ranging from medium to very large. The open truss design beneath the mezzanine accommodates and simplifies the installation of electrical and plumbing (sprinkler) systems. Pricing is reflective of size, capacity and span requirements. Budget pricing for Beam & Bar Joist Mezzanines ranges from $17-$40/ sq. ft., delivered and installed.

Beam & Beam Mezzanines: Unlimited Potential for Industrial Platform Design

beam and beam joist mezzanine design

Beam & Beam Mezzanines offer virtually unlimited design potential. Built from all structural steel members, designs can be focused on maximizing capacity, maximizing span, unlimited PSF load capacity, minimized overall height of the mezzanine structure, or any combination of the above. For that reason, Beam & Beam Mezzanines are ideal for operator platforms around machinery with limited space, applications requiring maximum clear height and minimum deck height, or any unique application that is not conducive to conventional construction with joists or C-Sections. Pricing is reflective of size, capacity and span requirements.Budget pricing for Beam & Beam Mezzanines ranges from $15-$45/ sq. ft., delivered and installed.

Mezzanine Construction Options

  • Framing Construction
  • Swing Gates
  • Pallet Drop Gates
  • Bar Grate Decking
  • Concrete Decking
  • Vertical Material Lifts
  • Lift Out Gates
  • Custom Handrails
  • Steel Floor Plate
  • ResinDek Composite Decking

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