24VDC Motorized Roller Conveyors

24VDC Motorized Roller Conveyors have set the new standard for conveyor flexibility. The key is an individual motorized roller in each 'zone', which provides individual power for that zone or segment of conveyor. Idler rollers are 'slaved' in each zone with urethane o-rings to provide positive power throughout each zone. There are no external drives and fewer moving parts so maintenance and costly downtime are virtually eliminated. The individual motors are photoeye controlled, allowing them to "run-on-demand" thus reducing energy consumption, noise and component abuse. Control cards supplied with each motor have individual speed controls for the greatest flexibility. All components come pre-wired and pre-mounted, minimizing installation time and cost as well as allowing for simple expansion or modifications in the future.

24VDC Motorized Roller Conveyor Pricing

Estimated pricing on 24VDC Motorized Roller Conveyors is as follows:

Supports Price
10'0" 18" 60-90 3" 28"-38" $ 4,000.00
20'0" 18" 60-90 3" 28"-38" $ 7,000.00
30'0" 18" 60-90 3" 28"-38" $10,000.00
40'0" 18" 60-90 3" 28"-38" $13,000.00
50'0" 18" 60-90 3" 28"-38" $16,000.00

24VDC Motorized Roller Conveyor Options

  • odd lengths and widths
  • stainless steel construction
  • variable speed controllers
  • angle and channel guard rails
  • single phase voltages
  • retrofit kits for existing conveyors
  • higher torque motors
  • 90 degree transfer

24VDC Motorized Roller Conveyor Literature

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