Pallet Flow Racks

Pallet Flow Storage is an efficient and cost effective storage system that combines excellent space utilization and FIFO inventory control. Pallet Flow Storage is essential for managing perishable and time sensitive products in high density storage areas.

A flow storage system has two parts: a static rack structure and dynamic flow rails. The flow rails are set at an engineered pitch, allowing loads placed on one end of the rack to move down to the unloading end. Rollers let the loads move smoothly while self-energized speed controllers act as gentle brakes. As a load is removed, the loads behind it move forward automatically. The flow system depth, height and width are limited by the size of the facility and the capabilities of the material handling equipment designed to load and unload the system.

In addition to increased efficiency, a flow storage system allows for FIFO inventory, recuces handling costs, fewer handling equipment costs, and up to 100% more product storage than selective rack systems.

Pallet Flow Rack Pricing

Pricing on pallet flow storage systems varies considerably depending on the final design of the flow rails system. The static rack structure is similar to that of a selective rack system, with some reinforcements to the areas that will see fork lift abuse. Several enhancements to the uprights and beams can be added that will yield a custom engineered system, specific to the customer's requirements. For larger projects, those with storage of more than 250 pallets, use a budget cost of $200-$350 per pallet position (total job delivered and installed).

Pallet Flow Rack Options

  • column reinforcement
  • column protectors
  • separators and escapements
  • pallet entry guides
  • bar grating catwalks
  • air assisted systems

Pallet Flow Rack Literature

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More Information about Pallet Flow Racks

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