Belt and Belt Incline Conveyors

Horizontal belt conveyors are the backbone of many industrial operations, offering unparalleled versatility in transporting various sizes and types of packages. Whether you’re running an assembly line, managing a packing and shipping operation, or overseeing a complex distribution network, horizontal belt conveyors are your reliable partners in efficient material handling. With options for steel slider beds to accommodate odd-shaped items or roller beds to reduce friction for heavy loads, these conveyors are designed to meet your specific needs. Their robust construction ensures durability, while the availability of various customization options makes them adaptable to a wide range of industrial applications. From manufacturing to logistics, belt conveyors are the go-to solution for reliable and efficient material transport.

Belt Conveyor Pricing

Estimated pricing on Belt Conveyors is as follows:

Supports Price
10'0" 10" 14" 4" 28"-38" $ 3,140.00
30'0" 10" 14" 4" 28"-38" $ 4,400.00
60'0" 10" 14" 8" 28"-38" $ 6,760.00
10'0" 16" 20" 4" 28"-38" $ 3,440.00
30'0" 16" 20" 4" 28"-38" $ 5,120.00
60'0" 16" 20" 8" 28"-38" $ 8,220.00
10'0" 24" 28" 4" 28"-38" $ 3,860.00
30'0" 24" 28" 4" 28"-38" $ 6,700.00
60'0" 24" 28" 8" 28"-38" $10,120.00

Horizontal Belt Conveyor Options

  • Odd lengths and widths
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Variable speed controllers
  • Angle and channel guard rails
  • Different belt styles
  • Drive locations
  • Energy-efficient motors

Belt Incline Conveyor Literature

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What types of packages can horizontal belt conveyors handle?

Whether you’re transporting small boxes, large pallets, or irregularly shaped items, belt conveyors can be customized to meet these needs. They are ideal for applications in manufacturing, distribution, packing, and shipping, among others.

Are horizontal belt conveyors energy-efficient?

Yes, energy efficiency is one of the key features of modern horizontal belt conveyors. They can be equipped with energy-efficient motors that not only reduce your operational costs but also have a lower environmental impact. Some models also come with variable speed controllers, allowing you to adjust the speed according to your needs, thereby saving energy.

Can I customize the dimensions of my belt conveyor?

Absolutely, customization is one of the strong suits of horizontal belt conveyors. You can opt for odd lengths and widths to fit your specific operational requirements. Additionally, you can choose from various options like stainless steel construction, different belt styles, and drive locations to further tailor the conveyor to your needs.

What are the safety features available?

Belt conveyors can be equipped with angle and channel guard rails to prevent packages from falling off. They can also be fitted with emergency stop buttons and other safety measures to protect both the operators and the goods being transported.

How easy is it to maintain a horizontal belt conveyor?

Horizontal belt conveyors are designed for easy maintenance. Components like the belt can be easily replaced, and the motors are generally designed for long-lasting performance. Regular inspections and preventive maintenance can further extend the lifespan of your belt conveyor system.

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