Wire Decking

Wire Decking greatly improves the safety and efficiency of new and existing pallet rack installations. The high strength steel construction provides an excellent surface for varying size loads. Easily installed, it requires minimum maintenance and is much more durable than wood. The open mesh design allows for greater visibility, less accumulation of dust and small debris, greater air flow for optimal heating and cooling, greater light penetration and most importantly, the open design allows for the proper functionality of sprinkler systems. The mesh design runs the top wires front to back to allow loading and unloading of smaller items much more efficient. Decks are "waterfalled" over the rack beam to help the deck remain in place.

Wire Decking Pricing

Estimated pricing on Wire Decking is as follows:

Depth Width Fits Beam
Capacity Price Each
36" 46" 96" 3000 lbs. $11-$18
36" 52" 108" 3000 lbs. $12-$19
36" 58" 120" 3000 lbs. $14-$22
42" 46" 96" 3000 lbs. $9-$17
42" 52" 108" 3000 lbs. $11-$19
42" 58" 120" 3000 lbs. $14-$22

Wire Decking Options

  • odd lengths and widths
  • stainless steel construction
  • back stops
  • greater capacities
  • shelf dividers
  • finish colors

Wire Decking Literature

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More Information about Wire Decking

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