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Five Common Ergonomic Warehouse Hazards & How to Prevent Them

ergonomic warehouse hazards

Your employees perform many tasks throughout their day that can result in strains, sprains, and other serious injuries. Therefore, anything you can do to help avoid warehouse injuries or decrease the risk of injury for warehouse workers is beneficial. In this article, we will discuss the importance of ergonomic warehouse equipment as well as a…

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Six Benefits of Mobile Aisle Shelving

Limited storage space can make it hard for businesses to keep track of their documents and items. And even static storage can take up room and hinder organizational efforts. Fortunately, mobile storage systems can alleviate both of these issues. Mobile shelving systems help you maximize the valuable space within your building and create a better organizational system too.  Mobile shelving works by reducing the number…

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Four Essential Safety Measures to Implement in Your Warehouse

Warehouses are one of the most dangerous work environments. Each day, warehouse employees are exposed to a wide range of potential hazards – from heavy machinery to falling products and more. And when accidents occur, they can lead to serious injuries. Therefore, as a warehouse owner, keeping your employees safe is a top priority. Below are…

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Top 3 Ways to Utilize Pallet Racking Systems for Small Warehouse Spaces (When You Have A Lot of Product but Not A Lot of Space) 

If you have a small warehouse, you are probably always looking for creative ways to increase warehouse space – especially if you have a lot of product. Perhaps you are steadily growing, customer demands are increasing, or you are just simply running out of room. By improving your warehouse’s configuration, you can store more items while at the same time, enhancing your efficiencies. Read on to find out the top three ways to optimize storage in your small warehouse space.           …

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Increase Warehouse Efficiency with Work Platforms and Ladders from Wildeck


Warehouse operations require employees to travel vertically to reach products on high shelves. In addition, warehouse employees also must traverse dangerous equipment, such as automated machines and conveyor belts. These operations are quite dangerous without properly installed, strong, and reliable platforms and access ladders – if your stairs are wobbly, this could spell disaster for your OSHA compliance and your employees’ health and safety. Wildeck’s Service Access…

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Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors Make Moving Materials Effortless

When you need to move materials from one level to another, you have several options, including forklifts, elevators, and of course, manpower. However, one of the most affordable and reliable ways is with a vertical material lift from Wildeck. A vertical reciprocating conveyor, also known as VRC, is an enclosed lifting mechanism that allows you…

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Protect the People & Equipment at Your Facility with Guards by Wildeck

guard rail

Your warehouse or manufacturing facility is your lifeblood, and the people who work there are your top priority. However, if you are running your daily operations without the proper warehouse safety guard rails and protection barriers in place, then you could be taking a huge risk. With warehouse safety products by Wildeck (sold by A-Lined…

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Changing Role of Humans in Fulfillment

changing role of humans fulfillment

We find ourselves in an interesting era of fulfillment. There is the technology available to provide warehouse automation, yet there has never been a greater need for workers. With ecommerce business steadily on the rise, warehouses require more workers to fill orders. And even though the technology exists to provide some distribution center automation, it…

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