Falls are some of the most common workplace injuries, which is why OSHA requires proper fall protection of at least 4 feet in elevated industrial workplaces. However, this guarding can be utilized for more than just protection from falls. Protective guards can also be installed to shield equipment and inventory from potential hazards or accidents within the warehouse. This, too, can prevent injury and keep valuable equipment from malfunctioning, which can impact your productivity. Some common types of fall protection include fixed rails, fixed guards, guarding fences, netting, and more.

Key Benefits of Guarding and Fall Protection Solutions

Ideally, fall protection guardrail systems and protective guards make for a safer overall workplace that reduces the risk of injury to workers. A safe work environment is also a happy one, as studies indicate a higher level of efficiency and satisfaction when workers are confident in the safety climate.

However, guarding and fall protection devices have benefits beyond safety. For instance, when placed appropriately, they can help protect equipment and the overall facility from accidental damage. Furthermore, safety guarding systems can absorb impact from vehicle or equipment collisions, thereby preventing equipment downtime. It makes sense to install these preventative solutions to ensure your facility can operate safely and efficiently.

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A safe workplace is an efficient and productive workplace – and guarding and fall protection solutions can help any facility meet its safety and productivity goals. For more information on the variety of guarding and fall protection products available to install in your industrial warehouse, contact A-Lined Handling Systems today.