Spotlight on Steel Mezzanines: Start Off 2017 With a Competitive Advantage

Steel Mezzanines for Warehouse

When your facility runs out of space, you can build a new addition, or, for a simpler and less expensive option, you can invest in a steel mezzanine platform. Increase your square footage and improve productivity with our custom mezzanines, giving you a competitive edge as you begin the New Year. Here is a closer look at the many advantages of mezzanine platforms.

Utilize Existing Space

Your floor space is already in place, and unless you want to embark on some major construction, there is nothing you can do about it. But what about all of the wasted space above your equipment and storage? With a mezzanine, you can put this empty air to work for you, using it for everything from an office space to a storage space to a production space.

Save Money

Not only will a mezzanine platform cost you significantly less than new construction will, there is a high possibility it can also offer significant tax savings in the form of depreciation. And think about how much more money you can make by increasing your manufacturing space.

Minimize Facility Interruptions

With a traditional building add-on, you can expect for parts of your facility to be out of commission for months on end. On the contrary, our mezzanine platforms are designed to go up quickly and easily, so you can avoid interruptions to your production schedule. We like to compare our mezzanines to an erector set, where all you have to do is take the specially crafted steel components and bolt them together to form a strong, dependable, heavy-duty structure.

Comply with National and Local Codes

As you know, every part of your facility has to meet both local and national codes. To ensure compliance is simple, our mezzanines are guaranteed to meet all of the stringent industry standards in regards to capacity, size, and space requirements.

Use for Heavy-duty Functions

Mezzanines are not just an extra space for lightweight tasks; they are built to be just as strong structurally as if you were placing objects on the ground floor. With our heavy-duty standard 5″ x 5″ x 3/16″ columns and our 12″ x 12″ x 3/4″ baseplates, you can rely on the mezzanine to provide the support you need.

Get a Custom Mezzanine

At A-Lined Handling Systems, we know that not every facility has the same needs when it comes to their mezzanine platforms. That’s why our engineering team will work with you to construct a cost-effective mezzanine that meets your daily demands, including the load size and height requirements you have. We also feature a variety of accessories to further improve the functionality of your mezzanine platforms, such as sliding gates, railings, swing gates, landings, and more. Best of all, most custom mezzanines can be easily reconfigured and relocated if needed.


To learn more about our heavy-duty mezzanine platforms, or to get a quote for a custom one, contact us now.