Lift’n Buddy

Introducing the 2012 Technology Innovation Award Winning Lift’n Buddy
powered portable lifter.

The Lift’n Buddy is a compact lifter that combines the portability of a
manual hand truck with the ergonomic benefits of a vertical lift table. The Lift’n Buddy has a capacity of up to 500 lbs, and is powered by
a high performance electric actuator.

Current uses for the Lift’n Buddy include:

  • move and lift parcels received and placed on the loading dock floor
  • move and lift production to stock warehouse shelves
  • move and lift product to stock food and beverage shelves
  • move and lower product from a packaging line to a pallet
  • move and position paper product in and office environment
  • position work at an ergonomically comfortable work height
  • move and lift canisters, pails or drums
  • load and unload vans and trucks

Lift’n Buddy Literature

The following product literature requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Lift’n Buddy Brochure

More Information about Lift’n Buddy

Contact A-Lined Handling Systems for more information, or to schedule a Demo
of the new Lift’n Buddy.

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