Surface Mount Dock Lifts

When you want your loading and unloading process to be faster, safer, and less expensive than your current material handling systems, then surface mount dock lifts are the answer. They are easy to use,versatile, and will help you get the job done without breaking your back.

Why Dock Lifts Are the Answer

When it comes to the warehouse equipment you have on hand, dock lifts should be mandatory. Whether you choose the model with a 5,000-pound capacity or the 6,000-pound one, here are the reasons they should become a part of all material handling systems.

-No pit required.

Our dock lifts are made to work on any concrete surface, and since they lower down to five inches, you don’t have to worry about digging a pit to place them in. The attached ramp makes it simple and quick to load or unload anything, no matter how heavy.

-Works with your current warehouse equipment.

Both sizes of dock lifts are meticulously engineered to ensure that all 4-wheel carts, handcarts, and pallet jacks will effortlessly glide onto the platform.

-Compatible with all loading docks and trucks.

Whether you need to get items onto a van and pickup truck or a container truck, the dock lifts will get them there with ease. They effortlessly lift you and your goods to almost five feet in height while making sure your cargo stays level.

-Keeps your safety in mind.

Not only do our dock lifts help prevent back strains and pulled muscles, they also include handrails and diamond-tread surfaces to prevent slips and falls—because safety is always a top priority.

-Easy to use

Each dock lift shows up completely pre-wired and ready to use, and once you are ready to move, the hydraulics will give you a nice, smooth ride from start to finish, and it only takes about 30 seconds.

-Ideal for a variety of situations

Because the dock lifts are not installed into the ground, they are perfect for temporary jobs or leasing situations.

-Large loads allowed

Both models of dock lifts have a large 72” x 96” platform and impressive weight capacities (up to 6,000 pounds), and since the handrails are removable, your cargo possibilities are vast.

Our high-quality surface mount dock lifts allow you to transform any concrete surface into an efficient loading dock. Your work will get done faster, your workers will stay safe, and you can rest easy knowing you are providing your team with the best.

Contact us today for more information about pricing, features, and turnaround time. We would love to answer any questions you may have.