Vertical & Custom Lifts

Vertical & Custom Lifts

Vertical conveyors are the logical material handling solution when large or small loads need to be carried over great vertical distances. With capacities from 500 lbs to 4000 lbs., and standard elevations up to 22 feet, vertical conveyors can carry loads to lofts, basements, mezzanines, and upper stories safely and efficiently.

Vertical & Custom Lift Pricing

Pricing on vertical lifts varies dramatically based on the capacity, platform size, and vertical travel. Pricing can also be very installation sensitive, as many vertical lifts get installed in tight shaftways. Prices range from around $18,000.00 delivered and installed for a small modular tote lift with a 3’0 x 3’0 platform, 500 lbs capacity, and 10’0 of lift, to $30,000.00 delivered and installed for a pallet lift with a 5’0 x 6’0 platform, 2200 lbs capacity, and 12’0 of lift.

Model Capacity
Voltage Weight
H300-S 500-4000 72″-240″ 4″ 48×48 72×72 460/3/60 3500

Vertical & Custom Lift Options

  • Handrails
  • External power units mounting
  • Special Electrical Controls
  • Diamond Tread or grit surface platform
  • Power unit and speed upgrades
  • Multiple stop levels
  • Roll-up doors
  • Gates
  • Ramps

Vertical & Custom Lift Applications

  • Mezzanine Applications
  • Distribution Facilities
  • Warehousing and Storage operations
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Auto Dealerships – Parts rooms
  • School, Universities, Colleges
  • Retail – Back Rooms, Inventory and Fixture storage
  • Buildings of Worship
  • Self Storage facilities
  • Hospitals – Storerooms, maintenance mezzanines
  • Government facilities
  • Second floor inplant offices

Vertical & Custom Lift Literature

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Delta Lift Flyer
Wildeck Tote Lift

More Information about Vertical & Custom Lifts

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