Moveable Aisle Rack Storage System

Moveable Aisle Rack Storage System

A-Lined Handling Systems teamed up with Compact Storage Systems to provide a powered moveable aisle storage system to maximize storage capacity in an existing maintenance parts storage area.

The Compact Storage System is supported by (4) four solid steel tracks that are embedded into the plant floor, flush with the existing surface. (5) Five steel carriages with heavy duty wheels were then constructed and place on the tracks. The carriages are equipped with individual drive motors front and rear, to power the carriages up and down the track system.

Standard industrial pallet rack supplied by Excel Storage Products was then erected on top of the carriages and fastened to the carriage supports. The pallet rack provided an adjustable means of storage for the many different size and weight products.

The Compact Standard control system is a simple three button control system. One push of a button will move, stop or reset the system. To move the system the operator simply pushes the left or right arrow, and after a short start up warning the all carriages move left or right to open the aisle. To stop the system the operator can wait until the carriages have moved to the set travel limits where it will stop automatically, or they can hit the stop button at anytime. The carriages are equipped with photoeye sweeps and operator present sensors to automatically stop the system in case of an obstruction or someone present in the picking aisle. The system can also be control via remote control pushbuttons from a fork truck.

In the 1150 square feet of floor space that the existing static storage racking occupied, the new Compact Storage System increased the shelf storage capacity from 1800 square feet to 4000 square feet. That is an increase of nearly 125%!

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