Custom Conveyor Automation


A-Lined Handling Systems can custom design an automated conveyor system to convey, lift, transfer, and divert standard or specialty products. The following video clips are samples of a system that required extensive engineering to design and implement a fully automated conveyor system.

The first clip shows a transfer process in a wash down area where a very soft wet product is conveyed on 66” wide Intralox Plastic belts, onto a stainless steel chain driven live roller conveyor. The product is then lifted on a series of pop-up gravity wheel transfers that lift the product and transfer it through a metal detector. The metal detector gravity conveyor rollers were designed with PVC tubes and glass ball bearings, eliminating all metal from the conveyor.

The second clip shows a special sliding shoe horizontal switch that was designed by A-Lined, and supplied by Stewart Systems, to sort varying length pillows. The switch sorts the product from a single infeed line into four different staging lines. The switch measures the length of the product, and then diverts the required number of pallet supports to convey the product through the switch on into each lane. The switch was the perfect solution to the application, as the fragile product could not be pushed, lifted or touched while being conveyed.

The last clip shows a fully automated vertical conveyor that has a live roller conveyor bed mounted to the platform. The lift is used to convey large product from the basement level up to the first floor, without an operator present. The lifts operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at a rate of 50 cycles per hour.

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