Custom Machine Mezzanine

Custom Machine Mezzanine

Custom Machine Mezzanine


A-Lined Handling Systems supplied the custom Wildeck machine mezzanine shown, to support a series of ovens as part of a special processing line.

The customer supplied A-Lined Handling Systems with specific dimensions, oven base support requirements, and dead load weights that the equipment would exert on the support structure. A-Lined and Wildeck engineering then analyzed all the information and designed an I-Beam and formed steel C-section mezzanine, that would support the loads and fit into the low ceiling headroom of the facility.

The custom mezzanine was ordered, approval drawings generated, and the materials designed, fabricated, and shipped, in the five week time period that met the customers start up schedule.

Some of the special features that were included with the mezzanine are; cantilevered supports for the operators catwalk to eliminated the need for additional columns, open bar grate deck that allows light and air circulation around the equipment, caged access ladders with swing gates, and the specific color scheme that will eventually match the balance of the new equipment in the facility.

The mezzanine was installed and leveled to a +/- 1/8” tolerance over the entire 1825 square feet, allowing the customer to place the machinery on the mezzanine without any
additional shimming or leveling required.

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