dock lift resting on cement floor

raising dock lift

A-Lined Handling Systems teamed up with Southworth Products to provide a local retail mall with (4) new DURA-DOCK Dock lifts, to allow delivery trucks to safely unload at their two dock areas.

Dock lifts provide a safer means to unload trucks than ramps or inclines. With nearly 5'0 of vertical travel the Southworth DURA-DOCK dock lift can service all types of delivery trucks from vans and pick up trucks, to container trucks, box trucks and even tractor trailers. The dock lift surface provides a level means to unload regardless of the height of the truck bed.

The DURA-DOCK dock lifts feature a corrosion resistant galvanized base and leg assembly, diamond tread deck and throw over plates, and removable handrails with mid rail and 4" high side kick plates.

Southworth offers many standard size dock lifts, with capacities from 5,000 lbs up to 20,000 lbs and platform sizes from 6'0 x 8'0 up to 8'0 x 12'0. Custom sizes and configurations are also available to accommodate any loading dock requirement.

Contact A-Lined Handling Systems, Inc. for more details, or to discuss your requirements.