jib crane lifting boat from water

jib crane lifting boat out of water

A-Lined Handling Systems and Gorbel worked together to provide a Connecticut Yacht Club with an easy means to safely launch boats into and out of the water with their premier boat lifting crane.

The Gorbel Jib Crane provides excellent coverage in a circular area, allowing the main boom to swing out over the water, and then swing back onto the fixed dock area. The ease of rotation of this Boat Jib Crane allows the operator to swing the fully loaded Jib with minimal effort.

For the outdoor application, the Jib included a Galvanized finish, a custom rotation stop to prevent wind swing, and tie-downs to secure the jib boom when not in use.

Gorbel offers many standard-size workstation Jib Cranes. They have light-duty enclosed track jibs with capacities from 150-2000 lbs, and heavy-duty structural jibs with capacities up to 5 tons. Custom sizes and configurations are also available to accommodate any lifting and positioning application.

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