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Tilters Improve Worker Productivity




Handling Systems teamed up with Southworth Products to provide a solution to the bending, reaching and stretching problems, which exist when removing steel parts from large bulk containers.

In this application gaylords full of parts are loaded by fork truck onto a gravity roller accumulation area to the left of the operator. The operator removes the parts from the gaylords and places them into the assembly machine. To position the parts and eliminate unnecessary lifting, a Southworth lift and tilt machine was supplied. The tilter was supplied with v-groove casters and mounted on a fixed floor track. The portability allows the operator to position the tilter in front of the incoming accumulation lane to receive the full gaylord, then move it close to himself while in the unloading process.

On the outbound side of the operation, a pan style tilter was utilized. The pan style tilter positions the gaylord at a comfortable height, allowing the operator to load finished parts without dropping them, eliminating damage to the delicate parts. The pan style tilter also allows the full gaylords of finished product to be removed by a floor level pallet jack.

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