Work Station Jib Crane with Portable Base

Work Station Jib Crane with Portable Base

Work Station Jib Crane with Portable Base


Need a work station jib, but can’t justify cutting the floor and putting in the needed footing? No Problem. A-Lined Handling Systems can provide a free standing work station jib with a portable base.

The application shown required a new work station jib to load and unload the two side by side machining centers. Normally, in order to install a 1000 lb jib with a 10’0” span, a 48” wide x 48” long x 48” deep footing would be required. In this case, the time and cost to move both of the machine centers out of the way, cut and demo the floor, and then pour the concrete footing, caused far too much disruption and down time to the operation.

To solve the application, A-Lined Handling Systems worked with Gorbel to provide a prefabricated steel portable Jib Crane base. The base is 6’0” wide x 6’0” long x 18” deep, and is shipped from the factory empty, with the anchor bolts preset in the required bolt pattern.

Once the box arrived on site, a local concrete supplier was contacted to fill the box with concrete, while it sat on the receiving dock. The next day the box was transported and slid into place, and the Jib crane mounted on top.

When the box is in its final location, it can rest directly on the floor or on factory installed leveling screws. The leveling screws allow the entire base and jib to be moved from one location to another, and releveled with ease. The weight of the full box is enough to offset the load of the jib, without having to anchor to the existing floor.

If your operation or equipment changes or moves and you don’t want to lock into a fixed jib location, consider the portable base option for your jib crane installation.

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