Six Benefits of Mobile Aisle Shelving

Red and Green Pallet Flow Rack

Limited storage space can make it hard for businesses to keep track of their documents and items. And even static storage can take up room and hinder organizational efforts. Fortunately, mobile storage systems can alleviate both of these issues. Mobile shelving systems help you maximize the valuable space within your building and create a better organizational system too. 

Mobile shelving works by reducing the number of access aisles you need without compromising your accessibility. By using a custom floor track system, shelves can be moved to create spaces between them. All you have to do is turn a handle or push a button to gain access to a specific aisle. And when not in use, the shelving can be pushed together to maximize space. 

High-density shelving is an excellent option for smaller operations where floor space is limited. In addition to freeing up space, mobile storage shelves also have a lot of other advantages over static storage. So, let’s take a look at the top six benefits of implementing a mobile racking system into your workplace.    

  • Makes More Efficient Use of Your Space – With a mobile rack, you can double your floor space. Plus, track shelving has the potential to increase the number of items you can store up to 300% in comparison to static shelves.   
  • Improves Organization and Productivity – Installing movable shelves for warehouses or buildings helps you efficiently organize your items and makes it easier for you to locate them. When you have a functional organizational system, your productivity increases too. 
  • Allows for Customizable Storage – Mobile aisle shelving can be customized to your specific storage needs. Your mobile storage shelves can be made deep enough to store bulky boxes or designed with durable carriages to hold your heavy items.  
  • Provides More Storage Security – Locking devices are available for all mobile shelving systems to ensure that your products are safe. However, automated mobile shelving units provide you with the best possible security because you can implement an electronic passcode that restricts access to products.  
  • Easy Relocation and Modification – Mobile racking systems can be easily moved should you need to relocate. Similarly, this kind of warehouse shelving can be modified at any time – you can add or take away individual carriages as needed. 
  • Cost Effective Choice for Existing Installations  Mobile racking systems are a great way to increase the storage capacity of your existing systems and save cost. The mobile carriages can be configured to re-use your existing shelving or racking, therefore eliminating the need to purchase all new shelving. The only additional cost you would incur is for the extra storage shelving you would gain by implementing the mobile racking system. 

If you are looking for industrial shelving units for your business, mobile aisle shelving can improve your organization, accessibility, and productivity – all while maximizing your space. A-Lined Handling Systems can assist you in developing a customized mobile shelving unit for your business or warehouse. If you would like more information about mobile shelving, contact A-Lined Handling Systems today.  

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