Closing A Distribution Center? Here Are Some Equipment Options To Consider

Whether it’s because you’re relocating, planning an annual shutdown for maintenance or decommissioning, closing down a warehouse or distribution center isn’t likely the most enjoyable thing you’ll ever do. In fact, it can be stressful, simply due to the number of things that need to be done for the closure to be successful in the timeframe that you have to work with.

On this note, chances are that you invested significant capital in warehouse machinery and equipment at one point – and there’s the task of either relocating or selling these assets as you go through your plant closure checklist. Moving this equipment is easier said than done, and it starts by working with an experienced material handling firm to help manage the relocation of such assets. That’s where A-Lined can help. Read on to learn more about successfully going about relocating or moving equipment amid a plant shutdown:

Equipment Options to Help Move Your Warehouse Items

Forklifts and Hand Trucks

Just as forklifts can easily move materials around a warehouse or distribution center, they can also move supplies and raw materials outside of it and into trucks for transportation to a new facility or elsewhere. Forklifts are easy to operate and, as they can also lower and rise, convenient for getting materials to different elevations. They’re ideal for moving boxes, crates, containers, and more.

Though it’s a manual transportation device, a hand truck is ideally suited for moving small and/or heavy items. Hand trucks are typically L-shaped in design and feature an upright handle and two wheels. A small platform holds the supplies or materials, and an operator tips and then pulls the hand truck to move it.

Overhead Cranes

If your current warehouse or distribution center already has an overhead crane installed, be sure that you’re utilizing it to move materials over the floor and out the door. Overhead cranes can lift anywhere from 5 to 500 tons, and they do so in a vertical fashion that takes supplies overhead. This helps free up floor space and also makes transportation of supplies, materials, and equipment safer.

Rolling Ladders

Rolling, or platform ladders, are exactly what they sound like – they’re ladders outfitted with caster wheels for easy movement and portability, making them an ideal tool for reaching objects at height and moving out supplies and equipment from a warehouse or similar type of facility. At A-Lined, we carry industry-leading SPG brand ladders with models that can reach various heights.


Any job that requires the movement of equipment, supplies, and materials should consider safe working practices. Personal protective equipment, or PPE, is essential. Make sure your teams are outfitted with hard hats, high-visibility safety vests, gloves, and eye protection as you’re carrying out these tasks. Reinforced footwear, such as steel-toed boots, should also be worn.

Relocating? Consider These Material Handling Solutions in Your New Facility

If your warehouse is simply relocating to a new facility, it can make sense to start any time in a new building on the right material handling foot – and A-Lined offers a variety of solutions to help you do just that, keeping your employees safer, more productive, and happier. Some of these solutions include:

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What is the process of shutting down a warehouse or distribution center? It’s a lot easier said than done, and there are a variety of factors at play – including the task of what to do with all the equipment that you have under the roof. Working with a trusted material handling partner can help alleviate stress and streamline some of the all-important tasks involved with such an act. For more information on how A-Lined can help, contact us today.