Cost-Effective Material Handling Solutions for Startups

Just starting a warehouse or distribution business? Then you already know that you’re going to have to prove a lot with few resources – and one of the most significant ways you’re likely to be challenged is financially. While it’s unwise to invest in the latest and greatest equipment in the early days of your business, you have to start somewhere. If you plan properly, the material handling equipment you invest in can also be scaled up as your business takes off.

One of the key factors in the success of any warehouse startup is having an efficient and effective material handling system. The right storage equipment and material handling solutions can greatly improve productivity, maximize space utilization, and ensure the safe movement of goods within the warehouse.

In this post, we’ll discuss affordable material-handling solutions for startups and tips and advice on how to scale these material-handling systems as your business grows. Read on to learn more:

Affordable Material Handling Solutions for Startups

As a warehouse or distribution center startup grows and expands, it becomes crucial to assess the effectiveness of the current material handling systems, including their impact on labor costs. It is important to evaluate how these solutions are utilized, whether they meet their intended purposes, and if they truly enhance productivity. Continuous evaluation and improvement are essential in order to establish the business as a competitive player in the market.

Storage Capacity Solutions

Storage equipment ranges from simple to advanced. At the very basic level, every warehouse space should have wire shelving or wire decking. But as a facility scales its warehouse operations and space becomes more of a premium, the storage solutions it incorporates can be modified to become more advanced. Some more advanced and space-saving storage solution examples include pallet jacks and flow racks, carton flow racks, and cantilever racks. Mobile aisle shelving is another option, representing an innovative, custom-designed floor track system.

As the warehouse operations scale up and space becomes limited, more advanced storage solutions like pallet jacks and forklifts may be necessary. This equipment allows for the movement of heavy pallets and can greatly increase the efficiency of warehouse operations.

Overhead Cranes

Overhead cranes offer many benefits, notably when it comes to improving load control as it pertains to safely and efficiently moving heavy objects or cargo. What’s more is that they move loads over the floor, which frees up floor space and can limit congestion. Overhead cranes are also versatile and can scale according to a specific facility. For instance, to start, a warehouse may install a gantry crane or a floor or wall-mounted jib crane, options that tend to be effective and more affordable for smaller operations. As a warehouse scales up and grows, installing a ceiling-mounted bridge crane or a free-standing bridge crane may become a more viable option.

Lifting Tables

Lift tables are precisely what they sound like – tables that can easily and conveniently raise and lower heavy materials. Various types of lift tables can be incorporated into the warehouse environment. On a smaller scale, there are back-saver lite lifts and standard lifts. Low-profile lifts or pallet-handling lifts may also make sense. As a warehouse grows, heavy-duty lifts and space-saving high-rise lifts are options.


Conveyors are used for moving products from one place in the warehouse to another. While they come in various styles, one of the big benefits of conveyor systems is that they’re flexible and scalable – and they can easily be modified to meet the needs of any facility as it grows over time. For instance, a startup facility may only require a conveyor with a more limited range. But as it grows, this conveyor can be extended accordingly. Furthermore, a growing facility may also consider space as it is growing and incorporate an overhead conveyor into its operation to free up more floor space.

Wire Shelving

Wire shelving (or wire decking) is a basic storage solution that many warehouse startups should have. These versatile shelves provide a cost-effective and efficient storage solution for organizing and maximizing the use of available space in a warehouse.

One of the advantages of wire shelving is its durability. Made from high-quality steel or stainless steel, these shelves can withstand heavy loads and resist corrosion, ensuring long-term usability even in demanding warehouse environments. This makes wire shelving a reliable and long-lasting storage solution for startups.

Growing Material Handling Operations

Many of the solutions we discussed in the above section, particularly those aimed at reducing material handling costs, can be scaled up or enhanced according to a facility’s needs. Yet, it’s also important to assess how your facility is using any material handling solutions, whether they’re being used as intended, and if they’re truly helping enhance productivity before any further decisions are made about incorporating new or upgraded equipment. Continuous evaluation and improvement are a necessity if you want to take any business from a start-up and establish it as a true player in the market.

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