Guarding Solutions to Keep Employees Safe and Equipment Protected

Guarding Equipment

Guarding equipment is an important part of any warehouse or manufacturing plant. It helps to keep your employees safe while protecting your expensive equipment. Due to their bright, can’t-miss coloring, guarding is also an excellent way to direct the traffic flow of pedestrians.

guarding equipment in yellowDo You Need Guarding Equipment?

First, you need to establish if your warehouse or manufacturing plant is in need of guarding equipment. Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine which guarding solutions could benefit your company:

  • Is it clear where pedestrians are supposed to walk and which aisles are reserved for vehicles, conveyors, or robotic equipment?
  • Is there guarding surrounding any automated equipment to keep people away and to abide by OSHA guidelines?
  • Do you have any overhead conveyors? If so, do they have guarding equipment in place to keep objects from falling?
  • Do your shelving systems feature guarding equipment to keep any items stocked on them from falling into the work areas or walkways?
  • Are the entry points for workers properly guarded from any vehicle traffic?
  • Do you have guarding equipment in place at the end of rows, pallet racks, and tunnel bays to protect them from being hit with vehicles or robotic equipment?
  • Do you have proper protection in front of the building columns to keep them from sustaining damage during daily activities?
  • Do any elevated work areas, including mezzanines, shipping docks, and loading/unloading areas, have proper guarding equipment to keep people and products from falling?
  • Do all vertical ladders have the proper guarding installed to prevent dangerous falls?
  • Do all fixed structures, including electrical equipment, designated work cells, and offices, have guarding solutions in place to prevent vehicle traffic from running into them?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, then you are in need of guarding solutions.

guarding shelvesGuarding Solutions for You

At A-Lined, we have a full inventory of high-quality guarding equipment to meet all of your guarding needs. Here is a closer look at our top guarding solutions:

  • Guard Rails – Our Wilgard® protective guard rail systems are ideal for any situation where you need to provide barriers between work equipment and your employees. Painted a bright yellow, guard rails can be used in a variety of places throughout your plant.
  • End-of-Aisle Protectors – The Wildeck® End-of-Aisle Rack Protectors are an excellent guarding solution to keep your racks and inventory protected from fork lifts, trucks, or other motorized equipment.
  • Safety Bollards – By creating a solid physical barrier from trucks and fork lifts, our vertical Safety Bollards keep your warehouse equipment and loading dock doors, scratch and dent free.
  • Swing Gate – The Laddergard™ Swing Gate is a great guarding solution to keep personnel safe while using high-traffic access ladders.
  • Overhead Gate – Our Overhead Safety Gate will ensure the safe, smooth transport of palletized material both to and from your mezzanine.

To learn more about our guarding solutions, and to discover which ones will help keep your warehouse or manufacturing plant safe, compliant, and efficient, contact A-Lined Handling Systems today.