Introducing the Ranger™ Mobile Anchor: Prevent Falls and Improve Profits

Worksite safety is always one of your main concerns. Not only do you want your employees to stay unharmed, you also want to eliminate the costly aftereffects of a worksite injury. That’s why we believe that the Ranger Mobile Anchor is a must-have at any location where you have your workers performing a job more than four to six feet off the ground.

Why Use the Ranger Mobile Anchor

With the Ranger Mobile Anchor at the jobsite, your employees will have the support they need to stay safe as they maneuver around the structures they are working on. From performing aircraft maintenance to unloading railroad cars, there is no job that the Ranger Mobile Anchor can’t assist with. Since it is simple to reposition and extend, the worker can always have the anchor point directly above them, assuring them that they will stay safe while getting the job done. Falls are one of the biggest concerns when it comes to worksite safety, and with a Ranger Mobile Anchor at your site, it no longer has to be.

Benefits of the Ranger Mobile Anchor

Clearly, the largest benefit is the worksite safety it provides. However, it is also equipped with several features that are worth noting:

  • The mast can be effortlessly folded down or fully deployed, so there is no struggle when it comes time to put the Ranger Mobile Anchor into action.
  • The Ranger Mobile Anchor is adjustable up to 22 feet, so it is able to keep workers from falling during a wide variety of tasks.
  • When in use, the flexibility of the arm allows your employees a full 30-degree work angle to move around and remain efficient.
  • The Ranger Mobile Anchor is constructed out of heavy-duty steel and includes a resilient finish so it will withstand any indoor or outdoor elements.
  • The tow bar is hinged so it is simple to move out of the way when not in use.

Situations Where the Ranger Mobile Anchor is Ideal

As mentioned, the Ranger Mobile Anchor can help with worksite safety by offering fall protection anywhere that a worker is required to complete a job that is at least four feet off the ground. For example, the Ranger Mobile Anchor is perfect when:

  • Loading and unloading flatbed trucks
  • Removing the tarps or soft sides from a flatbed truck
  • Unloading or loading the roof rack of a service van
  • Performing work on the lights, ladders, or booms of emergency vehicles
  • Repairing the HVAC unit of a motor home
  • And much, much more!

At A-Lined Handling Systems Inc., we provide a variety of equipment to ensure complete worksite safety. Contact us today to find out more about the Ranger Mobile Anchor, or any of the other durable, practical equipment we offer.