How to Improve Forklift Safety in Your Warehouse

Warehouse Workers Loading Static Pallet Rack

Forklifts are essential for almost every warehouse in the United States. However, these vehicles are also responsible for a considerable portion of workplace injuries. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), more than 70 percent of all forklift accidents reported in the US each year could be prevented with more thorough training, better safety policies, and safer hardware and equipment.

Below, we’re discussing how to improve forklift safety and reduce risks in your warehouse. Let’s take a look!

Choose the Right Racking System

It’s vital to design your warehouse’s floor plan carefully. This means you must have a racking system in place that organizes your assets while allowing your forklift operators to perform their jobs as safely as possible. Outdated or older warehouse racking systems could become significant safety issues, especially in the event of a forklift-related accident.

Coordinate your new warehouse storage racks with enough room for both foot traffic and forklifts to easily pass between them. While this may seem difficult in smaller warehouses, it’s worth taking the time to develop a workable and logical floor plan that ensures all employees can do their jobs safely.

Install Forklift Guards

Everyone has seen the viral videos of warehouse racks toppling one after another until one hapless forklift operator is left surveying a warehouse full of damaged products. Instead of running any risk of this happening at your facility, install forklift guards that can act as the last lines of defense against crashes and other accidents. This type of warehouse equipment is relatively inexpensive and easy to install.

Ensure Appropriate Vetting, Training, and Certification of Forklift Operators
Perhaps the most important way any company can reduce its number of forklift accidents per year is to ensure it has a comprehensive hiring and safety training program in place for forklift operators. Driving a forklift requires a special license, and warehouse operators must ensure their forklift drivers have those certifications and complete a safety test before assigning them work.

To create the most effective forklift operator training plan, warehouse managers and business owners should do more than simply ensure their employees have completed the bare minimum certifications. Companies that offer ongoing safety training, driving tests, and other educational opportunities tend to report lower forklift accident rates.

Choose the Right Material Handling System for Your Warehouse

Every warehouse must have a reliable, safe, and efficient material handling system in place. This helps ensure the organization can meet its responsibilities to partners and customers while simultaneously protecting employees.

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