The Best Material Handling Equipment for Assembly Lines

Conveyors for Packaging Lines

Manufacturers use assembly lines to break the production process into steps that are completed in a specific procedure. Typically, an employee is assigned to each step in the sequence, and the product is complete once it moves through the entire process. This method increases productivity by allowing goods to be produced in large quantities that wouldn’t be possible if a single worker were responsible for assembling the entire product.

Assembly lines require a variety of specialized equipment to ensure seamless flow and optimal efficiency. Conveyor systems are perhaps the most important of these products, as they move items from one worker (or phase in the sequence) to the next as production progresses. There are a variety of conveyor systems available, from roller conveyors to belt incline conveyors and more. The right choice for your business depends on your unique needs and applications.

Below, we’re discussing some of the best types of material handling for assembly lines and conveyor systems products so that you can increase productivity in your own warehouse. Let’s take a look!

Stainless-Steel Conveyor Systems

Stainless steel conveyor belts are used in assembly lines to produce, process, and package products in the pharmaceutical and food industries. They are extremely durable and can be made with steel conveyor rollers and stainless-steel belting or belts constructed from fabric, wire mesh, or molded plastic.

These innovative systems are ideal for washdown areas and harsh environments that may cause other types of conveyors to corrode. Stainless steel conveyors allow you to transport items throughout your industrial space easily and can be custom designed to meet your specifications. Some steel conveyor belts also feature accessories like guide rails, speed controllers, and casters.

Overhead Conveyors

Overhead conveyor systems make efficient use of the vertical space in your facility to maximize its square footage. Some of the most common applications for custom overhead conveyors include garment material handling systems, finishing systems, and manufacturing assembly lines.

This material handling equipment employs chain conveyor systems with curved and straight tracks in enclosed tracks or I-beam drives. This ensures that you can achieve the best layout for your warehouse operations, from small part overhead conveyors to much larger capacities. Overhead conveyors can also be outfitted with stainless-steel conveyor belts, variable speed controllers, and pendant hangers.

High-Quality Material Handling Technology for a Variety of Needs & Applications

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