Increase Warehouse Efficiency with Work Platforms and Ladders from Wildeck


Warehouse operations require employees to travel vertically to reach products on high shelves. In addition, warehouse employees also must traverse dangerous equipment, such as automated machines and conveyor belts. Access Platforms and CrossoversThese operations are quite dangerous without properly installed, strong, and reliable platforms and access ladders – if your stairs are wobbly, this could spell disaster for your OSHA compliance and your employees’ health and safety.

Wildeck’s Service Access line, sold by A-Lined Handling Systems, provides several sturdy and custom work platforms to fit your warehouse’s unique operations. By investing in an OSHA-compliant access crossover platform, a custom ladder, or a rolling scaffold from Wildeck, you will increase your warehouse workers’ mobility, efficiency, and safety.

Access Platforms and Crossovers

Wildeck’s line of access platforms and crossover stairs help increase workplace mobility and safety. Each Wildeck crossover platform adheres to OSHA standards and helps your employees access hard-to-reach spaces.

Wildeck’s line of conveyor crossovers includes:

  • Crossover ladder: Standard stair ladder platform design with two stair ladders connected by a crossover platform.
  • Stepover: A conveyor platform ladder that requires minimal climbing, usually only two or three ladder rungs that allow employees to step over a moving conveyor belt.
  • Vertical climb: A simple platform ladder that includes two vertical ladders and a flat platform top.
  • U, Z, Stair crossover: A larger, more complex stair ladder configuration that comes in a U, Z, or reverse-Z design; contains two stair ladders and a crossover platform top.

Work Platforms and LaddersThese conveyor crossover ladders are optimal for increased mobility around material handling systems and other automated machinery. By placing stair ladders and platforms above ground and allowing employees to stay above dangerous machinery, the risk of injury from this equipment decreases.

In addition to the stair ladder platform, Wildeck offers pre-engineered modular platforms to create custom ladders, heavy duty platforms for intense operations, and specialty platforms for industries such as aircraft maintenance.

Access Ladders and Stairs

Wildeck also offers a line of access ladders and stairs, customizable to your warehouse operations and access needs. Wildeck’s access ladder options include versatile vertical mounting ladders, dock ladders, and ships ladders to access an elevated industrial platform.

Wildeck also offers a variety of stair systems to increase warehouse efficiency and safety. You can choose from welded, knockdown, and modular stairs to fit your access needs. You can also customize your stairs with landings to further increase warehouse center safety.

Custom Ladders and Work Platforms

In addition to standard access ladders, stairs, and platforms, Wildeck offers a line of rolling ladders and rolling stairs perfect for optimum warehouse mobility. This industrial ladder option can travel across a warehouse floor to reach various places throughout the workday. In addition, Wildeck offers a variety of rolling scaffold options to move your materials from place to place and a variety of products for specialized industries, such as aircraft and helicopter maintenance.

You can create a custom ladder with Wildeck products, if you choose to design your own. If you need a custom roof ladder, marine ladder, or industrial ladder, these custom access ladder options are premium choices for your warehouse operations. Additional custom ladder options include rolling ladders, ships ladders, stair ladders, and ladder stands.

To purchase premium Wildeck access ladders and platforms, as well as other high-quality material handling equipment, contact A-Lined Handling Systems today. We provide efficient and sturdy equipment perfect for your warehouse operations.

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