Warehouse Equipment to Increase Productivity

A more productive warehouse tends to be a more profitable warehouse. And you don’t need us to tell you that a more profitable warehouse will likely result in a more successful business that can establish new competitive advantages and increase warehouse productivity.

There are various ways you can streamline productivity in your warehouse – and one of the more tried and true ways involves adopting and integrating advanced equipment onto the shop floor. Are you wondering what equipment would work best in your warehouse to help increase productivity? In this post, our experts broke down some of the best equipment to help revolutionize the warehouse environment on the market today. Here’s a look at what you need to know:

Warehouse Equipment to Increase Productivity

Looking to increase warehouse productivity? Here’s a look at four types of equipment to give serious consideration to incorporating into your environment:

Storage Equipment

Every warehouse needs storage equipment, but the type of storage equipment you incorporate onto the floor can make a major difference. There are your conventional storage racks and shelving, and then there are “smart” storage solutions that can streamline productivity on the floor. For instance, solutions like cartons and pallet flow racks conserve space while allowing pallets to roll easily on conveyors. Cantilever racks are a flexible storage solution allowing easy loading and unloading. High-density mobile aisle shelving is another solution that helps reduce the number of access aisles to maximize storage capacity.


Conveyors may seem simple in that they’re intended to move products from one location in the warehouse to another. But utilizing conveyors appropriately can significantly enhance how fast products are packaged and shipped. What’s more? Conveyors can limit heavy lifting on the warehouse floor and help improve worker safety. There are many types of conveyors that warehouse managers can elect to implement, including:

  • Roller conveyors
  • Belt conveyors
  • Belt incline conveyors
  • Chain-driven roller conveyors
  • Low and zero-pressure conveyors
  • Motorized roller conveyors
  • Gravity powered conveyors
  • Low profile conveyors
  • Overhead conveyors

Make sure you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each type of conveyor to determine the best option for your warehouse.

Lifting Devices

Numerous lifting devices – from your conventional forklift to chain hoists – can help move pallets and other materials throughout the warehouse. However, an overhead crane is one of the best components for quickly, freely, and safely moving materials.

Overhead cranes run on tracks installed custom to your warehouse and take material handling vertically, freeing up floor space and avoiding any obstructions on the ground floor. Overhead cranes are flexible and can be modified to account for any warehouse expansion or renovated floor layout.

Robotics and Automation

Robotics and automation may come with a higher upfront cost. Still, they can pay for themselves over time by reducing the human resources necessary to perform specific tasks, streamlining warehouse efficiency and productivity, and improving safety on the warehouse floor. Many believe that warehouse automation is the future of the modern-day warehouse, not just for performing routine tasks but for more advanced material lifting and handling duties.

While having the right equipment in-house to streamline warehouse productivity is essential, so is ensuring that your workers are properly trained on how to use it safely and effectively. Contact A-Lined Handling Systems today for more information on what warehouse equipment can help streamline production.