Creating Workspace With Mezzanine Systems

Warehouse Mezzanine Diagram

Considering warehouse upgrades to improve efficiency, increase storage space, and maximize flexibility, all without the need to move to a difference space? Don’t overlook the many benefits of mezzanine systems.

These versatile systems consist of semi-permanent flooring that can be free-standing or attached to walls or floors. Mezzanines make the most of existing vertical space that often goes under- or completely un-used. Here are a few of the benefits that mezzanine systems offer to your warehouse, distribution center, retail establishment, office or workspace.

What is a Mezzanine System?

While you may be most familiar with the concept of a mezzanine in a theater—where the term is used to describe an intermediate level—in the warehouse, a mezzanine translates into more storage capacity, more workspace, or more production space. Mezzanines are pre-fabricated or custom-designed flooring systems that can be installed in between existing floors. Most are free-standing and can be easily dismantled and moved. Mezzanine flooring or decking may be constructed from various materials, such as wood products, grating or diamond plating, while the grating or support structures are generally constructed from one of three materials:

  • Structural or roll-formed steel
  • Aluminum
  • Fiberglass

In all cases, mezzanine systems can double or even triple your available storage or work space, depending on how many levels you choose to add. When the mezzanine is constructed, all of the space underneath is still just as usable as it was before, while you’ve also added another, equally usable level—or even two—on top. This structure makes the most of your vertical space, a valuable asset that often goes underutilized.


One of the most significant benefits of mezzanine systems lies in their flexibility. Mezzanines are designed to be portable, easy to to set up, and easy to reconfigure. Most of the time, mezzanines don’t require any major structural changes or construction; unlike other warehouse reconfiguration projects, a few anchors are all that’s necessary. And when your storage or workspace requirements change, the mezzanine system is easy to change along with your needs. In addition, mezzanines’ portability means that they can be moved from place to place, both within your warehouse and to new warehouses as needed, so you’re not attached to your current warehouse.

Cost Effective

Mezzanine systems represent a cost effective way to double or triple your work or storage space. When compared to the cost of adding on to your existing building or moving to a larger building, the ease and one-off costs of mezzanines just make more financial sense. Other economic benefits include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced order picking costs
  • Ability to store more inventory and equipment
  • Minimal work interruptions during installation
  • Ability to avoid the costs of moving your entire operation to a new or larger facility
  • Ability to avoid more property taxes
  • Ability to optimize use of your existing HVAC systems
  • Minimal depreciation: Mezzanine systems have the same depreciation values as other pieces of industrial equipment

Mezzanines offer the ability to increase your storage and work space in a cost-effective way that offers a number of financial benefits while also increasing productivity. Their portable, flexible nature makes mezzanines a perfect choice for any business.