Outdoor Dock-Lifts Built to Last in Hostile Environments

outdoor dock lift

Outdoor Dock-Lifts Built to Last in Hostile Environments

Truck bed to dock height. Dock height to truck bed.

No matter your reason for needing a loading dock lift, you’ll get nothing but quality with the Dura-Dock lift from Southworth Products. In fact, it’s not just a reliable and safe lifting mechanism, it’s also designed and engineered to stand up to even the most treacherous environments for long-lasting success.

Hot warehouses? No problem.

Manufacturing plants? Yep.

Retail outlets? That too.

Medical facilities? You betcha.

So just what features make the Dura-Dock so reliable? Here’s a look:

Its Makeup

To get an idea for how the Dura-Dock stands up to hostile environments, you needn’t look any further than its design and construction. Its galvanized base and legs come as standard features. Essentially, these features ensure that the crucial base and leg portion of the loading dock won’t corrode, thereby compromising its effectiveness and safety. This feature alone makes it a great addition to manufacturing plants and warehouse environments where corrosion is more apt to occur.

Furthermore, the Dura-Dock is able to operate from grade level to a 59-inch maximum height, making it ideal for operations in which deliveries must be accepted from more than one style of semi truck. Additionally, its design enables it to be installed so that it can work with any type of dock (or even with no dock at all), no matter where the truck is parked in relation to it.

Here’s a look at some other great features of the Dura-Dock:

  • Available in 5,000 or 6,000 pound capacities
  • A drain is located in the lift’s base, which helps to prevent any standing water from damaging the device. This is particularly important if the equipment often will be used outdoors.
  • Available in platform sizes ranging from 6 x 8 feet to 8 x 12 feet
  • A weatherproof NEMA-4X control with 20 feet of coiled cord, another ideal accessory if the equipment is to be used outdoors
  • A diamond-tread steel platform for enhanced durability
  • Beveled toe guards for increased safety
  • Steel handrails that can be removed
  • Kickplates
  • Steel pins that work in bearings at every pivot point on the dock

To boot, the Dura-Dock meets — and in many cases, exceeds — ANSI standards of safety for industrial scissor lifts. And Southworth Products stands behind its work, offering a two-year parts and labor warranty and a 10-year structural warranty.

As you can see, the Dura-Dock loading dock lift isn’t just built to do a job, it’s built to do a job well, no matter the work environment, for long-lasting success. Whether it be pallet trucks or supporting loaded forklifts, from manufacturing plants to industrial warehouses to retail facilities, whether working outdoors or indoors, it’s an ideal addition to any facility.

Whether you’re going from truck bed to dock height or loading from dock height to truck bed, the Dura-Dock will excel.