Driver Access Cages: The Security Feature You Might Be Overlooking

driver cages

You go above and beyond to keep your employees safe. You always stay up to code and you follow every protocol in existence, but if you still allow open access to your facilities, there is still a lot that might go wrong. Driver access cages by WireCrafters are the newest security feature that close off your entrances in a cost-effective way to keep your employees and products safe.

Driver Access Cages Explained

Driver access cages are aptly named, as they literally look like cages and they offer a place for drivers to wait when they arrive at your facility. They are constructed out of heavy-duty 10-gauge wire that is woven into a solid rectangular mesh and they can be anchored to existing walls or setup to be freestanding. Driver access cages are mass produced in 6’ x 6’ and 8’ x 8’ sizes, but the panels are crafted one foot at a time, so they can easily be customized to your exact needs. Since they are completely transparent, they can add solid containment without requiring any additional HVAC or lighting expenses.

Why Use Driver Access Cages

The main purpose of driver access cages is to secure your facility. Whether you are using them at docks, visitor access areas, break entrances, or anything else, driver access cages protect your employees, yourself, and your inventory.

  • Protect Your People – Both authorized and unauthorized personnel can seriously injure themselves by walking into an active work area. With driver access cages, they will have to be let into the facility, which will only be done when the area is safe.
  • Protect Yourself – Of course the safety of the people is a top priority, but open entrances are also a huge insurance risk for you. Even someone looking for a bathroom could have a major accident by wandering into an area with operating fork trucks.
  • Protect Your Inventory – Keeping unauthorized people away from your inventory and your equipment is a huge reason to install driver access cages.

Options to Improve Your Experience

Our basic driver access cages provide everything you need to keep your facility secure, including a window with a shelf to offer an easy way to exchange any necessary paperwork and a hinge door with an interior key lock. However, with some additional features, your driver access cages will be even more functional:

  • Install a push bar on the exit door to allow your employees easy access to the outside.
  • Include a steel bench of varying widths to offer a seating area inside of the cage for any drivers or personnel awaiting entry.
  • Opt for a ceiling panel crafted of the same heavy-duty wire to seal off all possible points of entry.
  • Add on single or double high guardrails on the exterior of the driver access cages to provide added protection from outside forces.
  • Invest in card readers or remote push buttons to further increase the security of your driver access cages.

If your facility faces a lot of foot traffic and deliveries, then driver access cages should not be optional. They keep people out when it is unsafe to enter and they protect your investment. To learn more about our driver access cages, contact A-Lined Handling Systems today.