Building a Safer Work Environment: Easy Arm

Easy Arm Lifting Device

Building a safer work environment offers many benefits to employers. Beyond the benefit of knowing that you’re taking care of the people who make your business run, there are practical purposes for investing heavily in manufacturing equipment that improves overall safety, like Easy Arm.

How can the Easy Arm Help?

Easy Arm is a zero gravity device that aids in lifting heavy materials. It is available as a freestanding unit or can be overhung for use with multiple work cells or to free up valuable floor space. Freestanding units are ideal for workspaces requiring a span of 14 or fewer feet.

The unity helps by doing the heavy lifting instead of your employees. It also takes care of loads that may be awkward and risky for employees to carry. This reduces the risks of back injuries from the improper carrying of the loads, accidents from bumping into people or objects while carrying heavy loads, and injuries that may result. Ultimately it creates a safer work environment.

The freestanding version of Easy Arm can lift up to 330 pounds at speeds of up to 180 feet per minute. One company found that using this piece of manufacturing equipment allowed the operators to move five times the amount of material creating much faster cycle times.

Another added benefit was a sharp reduction in worker fatigue and the typical end of shift drop in productivity. There was also a corresponding reduction in repetitive motion injuries with the Easy Arm.

How Can A-Lined Help You Improve Workplace Safety even Further?

Creating a safer work environment takes time, dedicated focus, and a deep knowledge of options available. A-Lined not only brings that singular focus and understanding of manufacturing equipment and workplace safety needs to improve safety, but can also help employers boost productivity, maximize labor results, and streamline the movement of materials throughout the operation.

We deal in the highest quality products from well-respected manufacturers. We do this so that you can work with us with confidence. We begin by offering consultations to determine what it is you want and how he can help. Then we work to come up with the solutions you need and deliver them so that you have the safer work environment you’re trying to create.

Materials handling can be risky business. A-Lined works with you to reduce risks and improve results. Work with us today and let us put our 70 years of combined experience serving Connecticut businesses to work creating a turnkey solution for your business.