Polycarbonate Separation Panels for Industrial Social Distancing & Employee Safety

Polycarbonate Separation Panels

COVID-19 has brought about many changes in our lives – not just at home and around town, but in the workplace, too. Many essential businesses have had to adapt throughout the pandemic, learning and developing methods to protect their employees and customers along the way. And although all U.S. states are beginning to reopen, many organizations still need to take precautions to ensure they are operating in the safest manner possible.

A-Lined Handling Systems is committed to helping those in warehousing and other related industries remain protected and minimize the spread of COVID-19. One way we are doing this is by offering employee separation panels that facilitate operations while allowing workers to social distance.

Safety Products for Warehouses and Other Businesses

At A-Lined Handling Systems, we aim to continuously update our catalog with the latest products to make your business operations more efficient, comfortable, and safe. We work one-on-one with our clients, from the consulting phase through systems integration, to find the best solutions for all of your needs.

In many ways, industrial environments are similar to social environments like restaurants and retail stores. Specifically, these settings often host large numbers of people on a daily basis. This creates a difficult situation for employers who need to maintain productivity while ensuring their employees are at a safe distance from each other to prevent the spread of COVID-19. To solve this problem, A-Lined Systems offers polycarbonate panels from WireCrafters that can take some of the pressure off of business owners and employees as they go to work each day. These partitions provide added protection in open floorplan industry work environments.

Versatile Sizes and Mobility Options to Meet Your Needs

WireCrafters’ partitions are made of 1/8-inch clear polycarbonate, which offers complete visibility and safe separation. When purchasing a partition, business owners can choose from 4-foot by 3-foot or 4-foot by 6-foot panels. Plus, each product features wheels to allow for necessary mobility.

The state of the modern workplace will undoubtedly change in the coming months and years as a result of COVID-19. With our polycarbonate partitions from WireCrafters, you can help your employees feel confident knowing that their work environment is as hygienic as possible.

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If you run a facility where employees must work in a communal space, it’s crucial to implement a variety of safety protocols to minimize the spread of COVID-19. By investing in high-quality polycarbonate separation panels from A-Lined Handling Systems, you can make safety a priority in your workplace.

For more information about our employee separation panels, or to learn about the other warehouse safety products we offer, contact A-Lined Handling Systems today by phone at (860) 289-1571 or via our online contact form. Our team is happy to answer all of your questions and help you select the best possible products based on your unique needs and specifications.