The Importance of Pallet Racking Inspections for Warehouse Safety

Red and Blue Pallet Racks

Pallet racks are useful for storing your inventory. However, they can quickly become dangerous if they are installed improperly, are damaged, or are loaded incorrectly. Therefore, it’s crucial to inspect your pallet racking regularly and fix potential issues before they become hazards. Frequent pallet racking inspections also help to ensure you remain in compliance with government safety regulations.

Below, we’re discussing the importance of incorporating pallet rack inspections in your material handling process. Plus, we’re going over several regulations and standards to keep in mind when completing your assessments.

What Is a Warehouse Racking Inspection Checklist?

A warehouse racking inspection checklist is used to assess the various components of your pallet racking, including its beams, frames, and braces. An authorized warehouse inspector uses this checklist to look for any issues and determine if your rack could be at risk of collapsing. These inspection checklists are an effective way to prevent rack collapses, which often result in severe injuries and lost revenue.

Following OSHA Rack Inspection Guidelines

The United States Department of Labor formed the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to keep workers and workplaces safe. OSHA does not have specific rack inspection guidelines, but its general clause addresses concerns that directly affect storage, racks, and other material handling methods.

Under section 1910.176, OSHA requires safe clearances, proper handling of mechanical equipment, and appropriate markings for permanent passageways and aisles. You also need to ensure that your material handling system is set up to avoid accidents. Plus, OSHA’s general clause states that you should store your items safely and stably, so they do not slide or collapse. Your storage areas must also be free from materials that could cause trips, falls, or contribute to any other hazards.

Performing Pallet Racking Inspections

Even if you hire a professional to conduct periodic pallet racking inspections, regular internal self-checks can prove invaluable. During your assessment, look to see if your racks are plumb and level, or if you notice any red flags like vertical leaning. You should also check for corrosion and rust, which could be signs of weak metal, as well as scraped paint that might indicate a previous collision. It’s also important to ensure your racks aren’t overloaded, as this can cause damage to the beams and lead to failure. If you notice that your pallet racking is compromised, be sure to invest in new storage equipment.

Your warehouse layout and material handling policy both contribute to the overall safety and efficiency of your warehouse. Therefore, using comprehensive racking inspection checklists can help you stay on top of any issues and ensure that nothing gets missed.

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