5 Cost-Saving Benefits of Building Up Your Facility with Mezzanine Platforms


You need more space, and you need it now, but a permanent building expansion is expensive and time consuming. With Wildeck mezzanines, you can achieve all of the same benefits of an expansion in regard to functional space, and you can save a lot of money doing it. Whether you are using the space for storage, offices, or to add more room to work, here is a closer look at some of the cost-saving benefits of building up instead of out with the help of steel mezzanine solutions by Wildeck.

Receive Your Depreciation Value Faster

With permanent building improvements, you have to wait 39 years to get the full tax deduction for them. However, with structural mezzanines, you can take advantage of a 7-year capital equipment depreciation, so you can get the full value deducted over a shorter amount of time.

Avoid High Property Tax Increases

With a permanent building expansion, you increase your overall square footage, which consequently increases your property taxes. On the contrary, a prefabricated mezzanine system capitalizes on your current square footage. So, while it may increase your property value (and therefore your taxes) a smidge, it won’t be close to what you would pay for a full expansion.

Minimize Other Building Changes

Since steel mezzanine solutions don’t alter your building’s current structure, you won’t have to worry about the other costly updates that go with a permanent building expansion. Such as adding electricity, a plumbing system, or an HVAC system.

Get More Work Done

With the additional usable square footage that the structural mezzanines provide, you can increase your facility’s production rate. In the same workday, you can get more done, which will improve how much you can make every day. Plus, since the Wildeck mezzanines are simple to install, you can eliminate the hassle and downtime that you have to account for with a building expansion.

Reap the Rewards for Years

Wildeck mezzanines are the warehouse mezzanine of choice because they are built to truly last. With heavy-duty steel construction and strategically designed support systems, an industrial mezzanine by Wildeck will benefit your facility for many, many years. They will meet all of your local, state, and national building codes, and can be created to fit your specific needs.

When you want to increase your available workspace without having the huge expense and inconvenient process of a building expansion, a Wildeck mezzanine platform is the ideal option. It can save your company money in many ways, and it will give you the extra space you desire in lightning speed. To learn more about how an industrial mezzanine can help you, contact us now.

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