Protect the People & Equipment at Your Facility with Guards by Wildeck

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Your warehouse or manufacturing facility is your lifeblood, and the people who work there are your top priority. However, if you are running your daily operations without the proper warehouse safety guard rails and protection barriers in place, then you could be taking a huge risk. With warehouse safety products by Wildeck (sold by A-Lined Handling Systems), you can be sure that you are keeping your equipment, supplies, and employees safe every minute of the day.

Your Warehouse Safety Product Checklist

There are many different types of guarding and fall protection available, and they all serve a distinct purpose. Here is a look at the warehouse safety barriers that are non-negotiable on the jobsite:

  • Forklift GuardrailForklift safety barriers are important to protect your valuable inventory. They absorb any impact from a forklift to ensure there is no damage to the shelving or other materials behind them.
  • Rack Protectors – Your inventory is valuable, and you can’t afford to have your heavy machinery ruin it. With rack protectors, you can use extremely durable steel structures to act as a warehouse barrier between the equipment and your goods.
  • Elevated Railing – If your employees are required to work on elevated areas, then providing the proper industrial safety barriers is vital. It will prevent potentially harmful falls and will make sure your employees feel safe. Warehouse safety guard rails are available in both surface and side-mounted options, so they can be integrated anywhere.
  • Dock Gates – With their large open bays and high foot traffic, docks can quickly become dangerous. With a Wildeck dock gate, you can provide a highly effective barrier for both your equipment and your personnel to make sure there are no preventable injuries at this highly visited area.
  • Mezzanine Safety Gates – Mezzanines are an incredible way to multiply your available floor space, but since they are so high, they can also become dangerous. With mezzanine warehouse guard rails, you can be sure that your mezzanine is a safe place for you to increase your operational efficiency.
  • Open Gate Alarms – You need to know when a gate is opened, especially when it is at a main entry or on an elevated structure. With an open gate alarm, you will be notified if a gate is left open so that you can make sure it gets closed swiftly and keeps everyone safe. This also keeps you OSHA compliant.

Wildeck is one of the leading providers of warehouse safety barriers and guard rails. At A-Lined Handling Systems, we are proud to carry this durable, proven, reliable brand to help you keep your facility safe and your equipment protected. To learn more about our warehouse safety products, contact us today.

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