An Overview of Palletpal® Pallet Lifting Devices

Palletpal® Pallet Lifting Device

One of the best ways to make both your employees and your wallet happy is to make the process of loading and unloading pallets faster, easier, and safer. At A-Lined, we have a complete lineup of pallet lifting devices by PalletPal® that are sure to do just that. These pallet lifting devices are some of the most efficient pieces of warehouse equipment out there, and shouldn’t be optional. These devices are simple to operate; yet they improve warehouse productivity dramatically.

Palletpal® Powered-Hydraulic/Pneumatic

The Powered Palletpal® options are simple lifting devices that give the operator complete control. Available with both hydraulic (uses 115V power) and pneumatic (uses shop air) control, the Powered lifter contains a foot control that makes the unit adjustable to an infinite amount of positions. The worker can effortlessly set it at the perfect height for them, eliminating most occurrences of back strain.

Additionally, the Powered pallet lifting device has a manual turntable on top, which allows the operator to quickly turn the load so there is no need to stretch across the pallet or waste time by walking around the load. The PalletPal® Powered devices also include built-in fork pockets so they can be easily moved with the fork truck.

Palletpal® Roll-On™(for Use with Hand Pallet Trucks)

Another excellent warehouse device is the PalletPal® Roll-On™ level loader. This pallet lifting device was designed to be used as a companion to a hand pallet truck, and it is sure to make the job a lot easier. The Roll-On™ runs on internal hydraulic power, and lowers to floor height with touch of a button. Once it’s loaded, the operator can choose the height of the pallet for the unloading process. To make unloading a breeze, the Roll-On™ has narrow side and back panels that are easy to reach over, giving the user access from all sides. The unloading process is further streamlined with the optional turntable, which automatically rotates the load.

Palletpal® Mobile Leveler

If a ride-on fork truck is not doable as part of your warehouse equipment, then the PalletPal® Mobile Leveler is a must. It can easily reposition pallets throughout the warehouse, and even help move your other PalletPal® devices. The versatility of this lifting device allows it to accept any pallet or skid with an open or closed bottom up to 40 inches wide. The Mobile Leveler operates on an 115V battery and includes a charger.

With the selection of pallet lifting devices available from A-Lined, you will be able to improve your warehouse’s efficiency while making your employees’ jobs easier. Contact us today to find out which pallet lifting devices we recommend adding to your warehouse equipment.